Oct 252013

Grand Canyon – OMG!!!

I visited this place in 1991 and took my family this time…What can I say, it was like visiting it for the first time. This place is truly an incredible place. My family loved it, accept for my oldest daughter who had to work…Someone has to pay for our trip lol lol lol.  We felt quite privileged as there were 4 condors flying around, it was spectacular to watch and experience. The terrain, the Colorado river, the history of this place over millions of years and the powerful energy just has to be experienced…words are not enough.

We had a great time…Get there early…its certainly a full days event or more, especially if you want to try some of the treks.

We are currently back in Playa del Carmen Mexico as of the 31st July 2013. more to experience here for a bit longer and will keep you posted. Next Blog is my personal Whales Swim Experience with my best friend Julie, and a great small group on a photographic adventure.


Until the next post…Are you Celebrating Life!

Lot of Love

Faris and Family


May 152013

On the move again as its been a little over 5 months here in Mexico, 2 months in Merida and the last 3 months in Playa del Carmen. We have certainly enjoyed the amazing beaches, people and the culture that thrives here. although some parts are touristy, there is so much for everyone to pick and choose  from and explore. From the the ancient Mayan ruins, cenotes, beach coastline, swimming with the turtles and dolphins, scuba diving, snorkling, visiting the local islands, theme parks and other tours. Not to mention the resorts, restaurants and bar scene on 5th Ave.

We leave tonight at 7.30pm by bus and arrive in mexico city 24 hours later where we spend 7 nights before heading to the USA.

Thank you once again for all those who comment privately and through this blog. We always appreciate hearing from you and please feel free to contribute your beautiful travel experinces and tips for other readers to draw from. It has certainly been an adventure and experience we will not forget. A matter of fact, we are constantly reminded how much of an impact travelling around the world has been, as we share our stories with people, live out  our daily lives and reflect on all the places we have experinced  on this trip since we left  on 6th February 2012. OMG…What an incredible journey it been.

Until the next post…Are you living a fulfilled life?

Lot of Love

Faris and Family


May 142013

Saturday morning April 27th, we made our way to the pier to catch the Cozumel ferry. We had heard many things about Cozumel and it was time to check out the clear blue waters and aquatic life, so we finally booked a snorkeling tour after being here in playa for months…Lol. Ferry trip was about 45mins and for those that get a little sea sick, I advise being outside on the deck. Besides, feeling and seeing the beautiful Caribbean waters felt amazing.

Once we arrived we boarded the glass bottom boat and headed in the direction of the first stop. In all, we stopped at three locations to snorkel. At one point the water was about 10 metres deep but you could see the floor of the ocean perfectly!  The water was so blue that it looked like someone had put bright blue food colouring into it! In some places the water was a dark rich royal blue! Unfortunately, it was obvious that tourism had taken its toll. There really wasn’t much aquatic life…Some fish and we saw a sting ray but there was not a lot of colourful and beautiful reef and the creatures that inhabited them.

After we got our scooters (part of our snorkeling deal). We jumped on, Tahira with I and Gincori and Alexandria on another. It was lots of fun as we began exploring the island. We were told that on the other side of the island (which only took 2 hours to drive around) there were beach clubs and restaurants. So we thought we’d go and have some lunch but when we arrived we found that there wasn’t really many restaurants to choose from, which was nice actually.  We stopped at a beach club and ate some lunch. The coast line was beautiful to see as we rode our little scooters We finished the island and dropped off our scooters. We walked around the island for a bit before sitting down by the ocean to watch the sun set until the ferry left.

Cozumel itself is a very touristy place. On the weekends there aren’t as many people. The crowds come during the week days. It’s a bit sad to see how commercialized everything is. The essence of Mexican culture seems to be a bit lost and watered down. We have heard however that Isla Mujeres is more Eco friendly, but we have not been to see it yet.

Over all we enjoyed being together as a family even after all this time together.

Lot of Love

Faris and Family




Apr 082013

Hola! Como Estan?

You’re probably wondering what we have been doing these past couple months in Playa del Carmen. Yes we have been slack about getting blogs out, but we will endeavour to be more consistent.

We were fortunate to find an apartment a few blocks from the beach, a little north of central downtown Playa del Carmen. It’s a great spot, making it easy to walk to shops, restaurants and the infamous 5th Avenue.

Along 5th Ave is an array of  tourist attractions. Shops, restaurants and souvenirs. Including opportunities to take photos with beautiful toucans, parrots, jaguars, white tigers, panthers, and monkeys. You can pet them for free but photos come at a price. Its also fun trying on the giant sombreros and taking pictures with the life size statues and figures throughout 5th.

We’ve eaten at a few places on 5th but our favourites are: Ah cacao, a chocolate cafe, with a great cappuccino (on Calle 30 and 5th Ave), and Pizza Renzo (pizza for only 15 pesos a slice).We haven’t tried that many restaurants on 5th but have been sticking to the local restaurants around Playa or cooking at home. We feel the food is more authentic Mexican style and if you are a budget traveller its better value.

A few weeks ago I tried tongue and pig skin tacos at a local street stall with some friends. The tongue was delicious, tender and flavorsome but I couldn’t bare the jelly like skin. When in Mexico you can’t pass up quesadillas, tacos, and empanadas on the street. There are street stalls at different times of the day. I like to stop at one stand on 15th Ave and Calle 38 for a morning queso empanada with pickles veg and shredded cabbage. Its easy to find and try places but locals know the best places so don’t be shy to make friends.

We have really been enjoying the beach so close. We walk to the beach for morning swims, and throughout the day as a family to soak up the sun. The other night, we cooked dinner at home and took it down to the beach for a evening picnic. It was nice to sit together, chat, and listen to the waves crash on the beach.The main beach is called Mamitas. There you can find a few beach clubs and lots of people, but beautiful clear blue water that refreshes you from the hot hot Caribbean sun.

One day we were swimming there, we saw what looked like a water powered jet pack attached to a boat that lead the person attached through the water. The pressure of the water was lifting him out of the water making him fly. We heard from a tourist office that for 30 mins it costs $200 USD. OMG!!

Also at night on the beach, there are beach parties, put on by the hotels, as well as weddings and romantic dinner setups with candle light and live music…Ooh Romantic..

After being here almost 2 months we are beginning to feel like locals. Gincori is loving her Zumba classes and ever since we bought a couple bikes, has enjoyed riding around town like a local. Tahira is connecting with kids her age at school! Amongst Dad’s daily practices he has been enjoying his walks and swims on the beach as well as meeting the locals and other travelers. I have been making lots of friends at my yoga, and African dance classes as well as hanging out at my friend’s cafe down on 5th. There is a great breeze there and I was able to help them make the final touches on the place before their opening. After over a year of traveling it has been nice to settle in this beautiful place, and consider what we want to create, and how to integrate that into everyday life.

We’ve all been fortunate to meet many travelers and locals who speak English enough to give us hints about Playa, as well as help us with our Spanish which is definitely improving. We’ve also discovered how small Playa really is. It’s hard to not run into people you know everywhere and making friends is as easy as one conversation. With that said there are lots of opportunities to get involved with local activities and even with a language barrier, you are welcomed with hugs and kisses.

Before we go, we are hoping to organise some trips to Cozumel for snorkeling and to the cenotes (caves where you can swim). Cozumel is said to have some amazingly beautiful reefs and the cenotes here are a main attraction.

For now though, it’s local life for us. Hanging out and making friends.


Alexandria and Family :)


Mar 272013

OOPS…This one didn’t get published, better late than never.

On the 25th of January 2013, we hired a car and decided to go to Tulum and Playa del Carmen on the Mayan Riveria via the ruins of Ek Balam and Rio Lagartos.

Tip#1. When hiring a car in Mexico make sure you are fully insured and clear on your  excess and what it covers.  You may also want to go with the bigger more well known companies.

It’s been 11 months since I’ve driven. Driving on the right and in the left side of the car, opposite to Australian driving felt a little weird at first…Even though i have driven before in the USA. To my surprise, the roads were in good shape and I would recommend hiring a car. As a family of four it was cheaper to hire a car than to go with buses. It also gave us the freedom to travel, take our time and see what we liked.

Our first stop was Rio Lagartos, a quiet little fishing town by the ocean known for it’s mangroves and flamingos. Upon arriving we realized it was slow season as many tour guides were sitting around waiting for tourist to come along. Since we had already seen flamingos in the Celestun we found a shaded pier and had some lunch and enjoyed the peaceful waters and nature around us. If we had known that Rio Lagartos was less touristy and more local and natural we would have liked to see the flamingos there instead. It was also cheaper and we’d recommend it.

We drove to San Felipe another small colorful fishing town but didn’t stay and  headed to Tizimin where we would stay the night before heading to Ek Balam the following day.

We searched for some accommodation and found hotel 49; a great place! For the four of us it was cheaper to be at this hotel than a hostel and had all the modern trimmings. Very nice. We settled in and decided to go for a walk and grab some food. We were told to go to Ricardo’s by several locals and OMG!! We ordered the tacos! Honestly the best Mexican food we’ve had in Mexico!! The flavors were delicious and we wanted to go back for more!!  Afterwards we went for a walk around the town to burn off our tacos…LOL

The next morning we headed off to EK Balam!! I was really excited! This was a ruin I wanted to see. It was definitely less traveled than Chichen Itza but worth seeing.

The cost was $98MXP for adult and $6MXP for children. What was really beautiful about Ek Balam was it’s naturalness. This sacred site represented the jaguar. The name Ek Balam means the black or star jaguar. There something about this site i felt was very powerful and significant , more so than Chichen Itza. You were able to climb the ruins to the top and view the terrain from above. Although parts were restored (as you can see in the photos) it is a magical place.

We headed towards Valladolid and took a German hitchhiker there with us before heading in the direction of Tulum. The city of Valledolid had a beautiful main plaza that reminded me of Merida. It seems many main squares were designed in a similar way.

From Valledolid we went to Tulum via route 278 and avoided the toll road and it only took an hour and a half. I must say, although there are speed limits, it seems everyone in Mexico is doing their own speed.

We arrived in Tulum and it had the essence of a beach town. Very local, lots of one way streets that drive you crazy… One wrong turn and you have to circle the perimeter again. Finally we found Mama’s Home hostel. That night we went for dinner at Camello Jr. A local seafood place where we had grilled and crumbed fish that was amazing! Served with salsa, beans, rice, and salad. Yum!!

After dinner we went for a beautiful drive along coast and saw the many resorts and restaurants that line the beach.

The next morning we really wanted to go for a swim so we woke up early and went to the beach. Although we went to Progresso beach in Merida, it was nothing like this. We really appreciated the salt water on our skin and being back in the ocean.

Later after having breakfast we drove to Playa del Carmen to look for accommodation and check out the scene. Shortly after arriving we caught a glimpse of the ocean and we could not resist the temptation of this gorgeous, blue, blissful water. So we threw on our swimmers and jumped into the Atlantic. Yes, it was touristy amongst all the resorts but it was too beautiful to refuse. This place is surely alive with tourists and mainly influenced  by Americans with Canadian, amongst europeans. Much of the pricing is in us dollars and for the wealthy.

After checking for accommodation for future endeavors, we decided to have some dinner and walk down the main street – 5th ave. Most restaurants were fairly pricey but their is something for everyones taste and budget. we managed to have  some pizza.

We went back to Tulum that night and the following morning we went back to Playa del Carmen to sort out accommodation that we weren’t successful in doing the day before.

On our last day we headed out to Paradise Beach next to the ruins of Tulum. We jumped into the crystal, clear water and it was divine! We didn’t want to get out. There was a great sense of freedom! The waves were perfect, just big enough to carry you but still so relaxing. No doubt the waters on the Caribbean side are beautiful and we couldn’t wait to come back and go for a swim.


Next Post in a few days…Yes, I have been a little slack.

Until the next post…Are you living a fulfilled life?

Lot of Love

Faris and Family


Feb 072013

Can you believe it? Its been a whole year of traveling! We left on the 6th of February 2012, embracing the unknown, with just a light skeleton of a plan, with only a ticket to Thailand, and we were off. Traveling with hearts open and being in the moment, creating opportunity after opportunity…that’s the real adventure, I felt. Letting go and immersing ourselves in the culture and experiencing life with the locals and fellow travelers in each place we visited, was beyond amazing…Life changing!

We have been so fortunate to be able to do so much this year. As I mentioned we started off in Thailand and met the most beautiful people. We saw the tiger temple, rode elephants, visited the floating market, encountered a monk’s ceremony, visited the golden triangle and volunteered on Pi Nan’s organic farm. Before we knew it we were off to India. India offered so much color, life and challenges. The whole family was on a vegetarian diet whilst there.We rafted the mother Ganga, witness the burning ghats of Varanasi, connected with the Dalai Lama and the Karmapa as we stayed with the monks at the Gyoto Monastery, visited the Taj Mahal, volunteered teaching at a poor community and took a 10 day road trip through the Spiti Valley.

Hong Kong gave us a taste of modernism and we saw the city form the Peak, and visited Disneyland. China brought with it several wonders of the world, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and the Terra-cotta warriors as well as Mount Wudang where we did our Tai-chi and Qui Gong. We caught a flight to Peru and saw Machu Picchu, had a 30day silent retreat in the Sacred Valley, volunteered at an eco school, and toured the Amazon, before reaching Mexico, our current location. So far we have been to the beautiful blue Caribbean waters of Tulum and Playa del Carmen, rented a house in the city of Merida where we were privileged to experience a fire ceremony for the changing of the Mayan calendar.

In total we have moved 44 times this year, been to 5 countries, taken trains, planes, cars, rickshaws and boats. We have learned some Thai, Chinese, Hindi, Tibetan, Cantonese, and Spanish. We have impacted so many people along this journey and received so much from strangers who appeared to lend a hand at the perfect moment. There are surely many angels that walk the earth. We’ve had challenging times and amazing times, laughter and tears. Its has been such an enriching experience and the memories will carry through the rest our lives. This year has brought personal growth for us all and as a family. It has truly opened our eyes to so much.  We even survived each others constant company without killing each other LOL !


Spending this last year with my family traveling around the globe, volunteering in various places, embracing the unknown and deepening my personal growth, exploring my choices and experiences  with an open heart has been absolutely incredible, challenging, exciting and fulfilling on so many levels. Whether you’re single, married, with or without children, or elderly, if you want to travel…JUST DO IT. Life if too short to not do what you love.


What an amazing year. I have learnt so much about myself, other countries, other people, and how simple life can be. I felt privileged to be able to volunteer in the schools especially since I didn’t know the language.


This year has been a year of discovery, of not only the world around me, but of myself. I have finally begun to get to know myself and who I am and what I want to create in this lifetime.


I really enjoyed volunteering in India and being with the kids. I learned about culture and got to taste awesome foods around the world. It was a cool experience seeing the world.

What’s next:

At the moment we are settled in Mexico, with the intension of figuring out the next steps in our lives, and are assessing the options. We do intend on traveling around Mexico more and plan to go to the USA, so stay tuned for more blogs to come. The year may be over but the journey continues.

Until the next post…Are you living a fulfilled life?

Lot of Love

Faris and Family



Jan 162013

After hearing from so many people about the beautiful flamingos at the Celestun, we were all eager to check out these magnificent birds. So we caught the bus and took the 2 hour ride to the small town. There we found, at the beach, boat rides being offered at 200 pesos  (~AUD$15) per person.

As we began to get closer to the flamingos we could see large bursts of pink scattered around. Matter of fact, there were hundreds of them, maybe more. The beautiful birds were in front of us. They stood so tall in the shallow waters on their long skinny legs. We sat in amazement and just watched and listened. At one point a flamingo took off and many others followed. It was an incredible sight as they flew in a flock only to reveal their beautiful black and pink wings. I must say, we never knew that flamingos had black on their wings. Closer to shore were the baby flamingos that hadn’t become pink yet and were gray in color. Over all it was amazing to see these large stork-like birds in flight.

Then we were off to the mangroves. I had never experienced mangroves before. It was like going through a tunnel of trees and branches while on the water. It was very cool and we saw many other birds inside. It made me feel like I was in the Amazon again and not at the beach. We then got out of the boat at some springs. We were quite surprised at how clear the water was compared to, a few meters away, where the murky river flowed. We noticed many tourists were jumping into the springs and swimming. It was quite tempting actually, until we saw this alligator on the bank. We were so shocked to see one that we thought it was fake until it moved. Here’s this alligator on the bank and he looks like he’s about to get into the water and everyone is swimming around in oblivion.  See pics below.

Its always great to be able to experience nature up close and be amazed by it.

Alexandria and Family


Jan 022013

Upon arriving to Merida, Mexico, one of my intentions was to connect with the energy of this land and time. Particularly in relevance to the end of one Mayan Calendar and beginning of another on the 21st December 2012. I have always known that it will not be the end of the world as many have spoken about, but a time of change, spiritual consciousness, a new era of deepening for humanity.

Within two days of being in Merida Mexico my family and I made contact with a shaman and were privileged to be invited to a Sacred Fire Ceremony from 6pm on the 20th December to 6am on the 21st. A 12 hour fire ceremony celebrating the end and new Mayan calendars; an intimate gathering of 60 to 80 locals, 30 minutes out of Merida.

It was such a lovely and amazing experience…We arrive and were greeted by the shaman and made to feel at home straight away. I noticed two shamans were present to lead the ceremony and four people stood at north, south, east and west, representing the four dimensions facing the fire in the centre. They held chalices with incense burning purifying and creating the sacred space that we all felt.

Throughout out the night there were many rituals conducted by the two shamans both in the Mayan and Spanish languages. A conch ( large sea shell) was also used as a horn with drums that created an incredible atmosphere and energetic vibration with the powerful fire burning in the centre. On a number of occasions we gathered together in a large circle around the fire going around clock wise and anti clock wise while the drums and conch were used and rituals performed.

We lit candles, held hands together in a circle, and opened our hearts and arms to receive. There were prayers and blessings, throwing of candles into the fire, purifying and cleansing, and healings performed by the Mayan shaman. All were a part of the rituals that were absolutely incredible to experience.  Many times the shamans gave thanks through rituals of prayers and blessings to Mother Earth and the Heavens by water gently thrown from a bowl into the fire at each of the four direction. Both shamans also spoke of the planetary and spiritual shifts that signified this day, the 21/12/2012

There was three new fires at three important moments of the whole ceremony. The first was the beginning of the night  at 6pm to start the night with the fire of the old calendar. The second was at 12 midnight signifying the new day and calendar which was the most powerful I felt. The last was at the rising of the new sun early in the morning around 5am. The transition of each was performed beautifully. The old embers was brought out side of the small inner circle by shovel. New wood was placed with eight pieces of wood doubled and stacked forming a square or the number symbol (#). Then wood was stacked upright around the square and then certain colored flowers were placed at the 4 directions around the wood, before a few shovels of the old embers was poured through the centre of the new stack of wood to ignite the fire.

The fire in no time was powerfully burning and the rituals of prayer by the shamans, drumming and conch’s going off with all of us holding hands in a circle, started. Next, what took place was totally amazing. At 12 midnight as the new fire was lit and we were all holding hands in the circle, suddenly the wind came up out of nowhere, it started to rain,  the flames got stronger and wild,  we could feel the heat, the water, the wind and the earth as we stood with the energy of our hearts and spirits connected. Recognizing all 5 elements present in one moment. For me it was one of the highlights of my night, just experiencing the wonderful energy and integration of this sacred ceremony…I will never forget it.

Alexandria and I in the early hours stood and held the challis and placed incense when needed as part of this ceremony to maintain the sacred space. The shamans placed offerings, sharing their wisdom and more rituals continued to early hours until it was time for another fire to be lit. At 5am there was a few less people present and as before a new fire was lit to signify and honour the new sun and give more thanks. More water was blessed by the shaman from the four directions into the fire. This time a few people including my self contributed blessings/prayers out aloud amongst the group as we were gathered in a circle around the fire waiting for the sun to appear.

A little after 6am it was over. Twelve hours that felt more like six. Energized by the evening, we packed up and headed back to our place. What a really awesome and privileged night. It was perfect for me and supported my life beautifuly. My family loved it and got to experience a special historical moment in time. This is what they had to share…


I had never experienced something like this before…I found it very powerful and energizing.


I really enjoyed being part of such a sacred ceremony. The drumming and conch were especially moving for me.


It was an amazing experience and a once in life time opportunity.



Until the next post…Are you living a fulfilled life?

Lot of Love

Faris and Family


Dec 302012

End of week three! Big breath! It’s been a massive week of challenges, emotions,  profoundness, healing accomplishments, energy,  pain, insights,  writing and love felt.

Everything is more intense, little sounds are loud as my body becomes more sensitive but stronger and the awareness richer on multiple levels. A deeper sense of gratitude of love deep inside of me with flowing emotions,  tears and joyfulness. Realizations of energies deep within that I had held onto thinking I was strong enough to carry. It sure felt great to letting go of that load. I realized there is nothing greater than experiencing life to the fullest and when I compromised an area,  thing or person  in my life and said it was okay, it wasn’t okay. I also realized on a deeper level every choice has a consequence that carries a vibration and that effects my being and my next choice.  I feel blessed in my life and even more so the last few weeks, walking up and around the mountains through the shrubs, the trees, streams and cliffs listening and feeling with every breath the earth, looking down onto the valley and mountains in the distance was truly remarkable.  My body physically walking up and experiencing this energy within my whole body, the joy and invigoration has been amazing for me. There was a couple of times I almost screamed out as I was feeling this freedom and appreciation for the beauty all around me.

Last 9 days, certainly the intensity hasn’t eased of. My body is experiencing so many shifts. November 21st I climbed and climbed towards these beautiful mountain cliff peaks with waterfalls and 45 to 60 degree gradients amongst bush, trees and through a valley that took my  breath away. A mountain with snow in the distance took my eye, so powerfully it stood, like a pyramid. The energy was incredible. I’ve  been making sure every second counts as my good friend Julie advised.

I have witnessed the difference between being in silence with action and in stillness. I have just trusted and listened to my body and allowed the wisdom within to emerge and act from that place that serves me in the moment. Finding that balance of not doing too much of one thing or pushing too much in another area because I want to do it so badly. I found even with a strong commitment to achieve things I had to let go of the outcome and remain in the moment and allow patience and wisdom to lead me as apposed to my ego. This was certainly challenging at times. I had to be so conscious and aware and work through this on so many levels through the last 30 days.

I must say I found being in silence from the ‘no talking’ aspect quite easy some how, except twice I uttered a letter or two and shut my self up. It’s the impact of  being in my silence with what I was doing and the environment that opened up to the challenges and profoundness of my experiences. It allowed me to go deeper into witnessing and healing in areas of my life that I would not have seen or felt and manage to shift in this time of my life if I hadn’t done this.

There has certainly been some broken sleep with dreams, insights and deep processing and healing to say the least. One particular night,  just after 3am the dreams and insights were so strong I woke up and started writing. Well that was a dumb thing to do as tears just started pouring out. No, it wasn’t  really a dumb thing it was perfect, a massive cellular realization and my heart just opened more deeply to the truth within. Well, I couldn’t sleep and it was 4am, I had this feeling to go up the mountain and experience  the sunrise in my vulnerability and embrace the opportunity of more healing. I knew there was more, I could feel it. Well, hours later and more writing, more tears and more profoundness. A time that shook my core and really woke me up in an area of my life I needed so much peace and freedom. Oh, the sunrise was breathtaking over the mountains and valley, by the way and yes, I managed to take photos.

Last 4 days. Into the home stretch! Sunday 25th my body just needed to rest and meditate. Just walked around the retreat, took a few photos, cooked my self a meal and took it real slow.

The last few days I have found a few new paths to walk. The first one I discovered was a beautiful  flowing stream with little waterfalls over rocks. I decided to sit and just listen and the feeling that went through my body was incredible. You know earlier when I mentioned my body became more sensitive, well the feeling was like the water was passing through me and cleansing me. It really was amazing, so amazing I was inspired to write a poem about it. I felt my body so in tune and grounded.

The other was a seven and a half hour walk I did. Now this would have to be my biggest walk here and what a walk to experience. A week before I came across this stream cut into the mountain that lead to the waterfall to the right of the mountain. On the 27th November, I decided to follow it around the other way. So here I am three quarters up a mountain walking on the edge of the ridge climbing along side this stream. All of a sudden I come to a point on the mountain and I can see the valley from left to right… Absolutely  gorgeous. I continue around and follow this stream. I have no idea where exactly it lead to, I assume another water source but where?, How far?, Will I reach it? And do I keep climbing?. Well, it just got better and better. A few more points and I come around the mountain and it opened up to another valley. So here I am these massive mountains around me. I am on a ledge of one. I have views of local farms below and in the distance where this valley V’s to a point, more rocky peaked mountains stood, unbelievably amazing. I was so excited, I want to venture on and experience more. So I did! What I saw, felt, discovered and experienced can not be put in words so easily. One would think I was a little crazy here.

The power of these mountains and mother earths magnificence called out to me so many times this day. I would be walking when I would just stop and feel this wave pass through me. The wind would all of a sudden pickup, I would just open my arms out wide and feel this force of nature. I would feel energized. I would feel the sacredness of this place. There was one point which wouldn’t have been more than a meter wide on this cliff and it was such an experience feeling the wind, the running water and the rock wall behind me and the steep drop below me into the valley. I kept walking experiencing the land, the smell of the trees, the horses and cows.  I reached this point of the valley where waterfalls were at  the foothill and of the peaked mountain. I see this small sign SAYWAPATA 3304. Not sure what it means but thought maybe its the name of this mountain above me. I started walking up a few hundred metres and  checked the time, a little past 2pm. I was also hungry, so I decided to have some lunch and sit by the falls on a rock and enjoy it.

After lunch I realized going further up at that time of day wasn’t a good idea knowing I still had to get back. I had 2 to 3 hours to get back at least without stops and I had a feeling there would be 2 at least where I would need to connect with something. So I start to head back. Well I wasn’t wrong. I came around this ridge and I look up at this massive part of the mountain on the other side. I started to feel this powerful energy from the mountain. I look further and then to the sky above. Suddenly without thought, I dropped to my knees as I felt this deep reverence to what was in front of me. It was like I saw and felt the Grace of Mother Earth and my creator shine upon me. I bowed with humbleness and joy. I felt the magnificence in every part of my being to the core.

Moments later I got up and sat for a while and took what just happened in. Shortly afterwards I got up and continue to head back. Every step and turn I could see and feel the valley I couldn’t help taking photo after photo. Photos came out great  yet it was certainly not capturing the essence of what I was experiencing. One last stop before I start my decent down the mountain back to flat land. I sat at the point where the new valley I discovered meets the one I came from. I could see the valley from left to right and mountains all around me.  I just wrote and took it all in, in my stillness and silence. With 1 hour left of daylight I knew I had to head back, so I did, just in time to see the sunset of another day ending.  More photo opportunities and taking in the experience of these illuminating views.

Last day of my 30 days of silent. I could not believe it was here. It’s gone quite slow and fast at the same time. It was a full moon on the 28th november and I realized my silence is coming to an end. What I have experienced and what my body will process will continue  to integrate outside this retreat, with my family and everyday living.

This has been such an extraordinary experience of challenges, healing and profound moments that I would cherish immensely and use as another platform to pursue my life.

Until the next post…Are you living a fulfilled life?

Lot of Love