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December 29th, 2012, we visited the sacred ruins of Chichen Itza here in the Yucatan, Mexico. It was incredible to travel back in time and wonder how this ancient civilization lived. Can you imagine building something almost 2000 years ago with none of the machinery and tools we have today? Its really quite something when I stand on the land amongst it all and take it in.  We felt quite relaxed and peaceful as we walked around and took in the beautiful ruins, despite the little touristy stalls from the Mayan locals selling their many crafts. They were quite beautiful but be mindful prices are really jacked up…so feel free to negotiate a price that you are comfortable to pay.

There is certainly much to see here; the Kukulkan Pyramid, known as “El Castilo” The Castle, to the Temple of the Warriors, the “El Caracol” Observatory Temple, the Venus Platform in the Great Plaza, the Cenotes and waterways that ran underneath this Mayan city, and much more. Just google Chichen Itza and the information will come up for you. Of course its not like standing there and experience it. I found there was mixed feelings with my family being there and seeing the different ruins. Some appealed to them and some didn’t. One thing for sure, the detail carved into stone and the shapes of the stones themselves were impressive despite the age of them.

One of the families favorite ruin was the observatory temple that was strategically placed. It is a round building with doors and windows on a square platform.  It was used to chart and calculate earthly and planetary cycles and more. We were told that at certain times or cycles like the event on 21/12/2012, their winter solstice, the sun ray would pass through both doors at the same time of the round building. There was this correlation between the 360 degree round building, the windows and doors, and the square platform where they were able to measure and follow astronomical events. They could measure these events or monitor planetary movements, like Venus for example, without the use of the technology that we have today…Amazing hey?!!!

We were able to have a little picnic and enjoy our own lunch that we had brought with us that day. Whilst enjoying our lunch, we saw quite a few iguanas that were on the stone walls of the ruins and grassy area next to us. One would come up less than a metre away at times, as we sat and ate. And there was one that was over a metre long sun baking as you will see in our photos below.

Over all this ancient Mayan City was really impressive and I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with the land and the energy of the place. we took our time and about six hours later we caught the bus back to Merida…Like I said earlier their was a very relaxed and peaceful feel. We noticed there wasn’t that many people as we had expected…Perhaps it was our luck day.



Until the next post…Are you living a fulfilled life?

Lot of Love

Faris and Family



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  1. Looks like an amazing place.

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