Jan 162013

After hearing from so many people about the beautiful flamingos at the Celestun, we were all eager to check out these magnificent birds. So we caught the bus and took the 2 hour ride to the small town. There we found, at the beach, boat rides being offered at 200 pesos  (~AUD$15) per person.

As we began to get closer to the flamingos we could see large bursts of pink scattered around. Matter of fact, there were hundreds of them, maybe more. The beautiful birds were in front of us. They stood so tall in the shallow waters on their long skinny legs. We sat in amazement and just watched and listened. At one point a flamingo took off and many others followed. It was an incredible sight as they flew in a flock only to reveal their beautiful black and pink wings. I must say, we never knew that flamingos had black on their wings. Closer to shore were the baby flamingos that hadn’t become pink yet and were gray in color. Over all it was amazing to see these large stork-like birds in flight.

Then we were off to the mangroves. I had never experienced mangroves before. It was like going through a tunnel of trees and branches while on the water. It was very cool and we saw many other birds inside. It made me feel like I was in the Amazon again and not at the beach. We then got out of the boat at some springs. We were quite surprised at how clear the water was compared to, a few meters away, where the murky river flowed. We noticed many tourists were jumping into the springs and swimming. It was quite tempting actually, until we saw this alligator on the bank. We were so shocked to see one that we thought it was fake until it moved. Here’s this alligator on the bank and he looks like he’s about to get into the water and everyone is swimming around in oblivion.  See pics below.

Its always great to be able to experience nature up close and be amazed by it.

Alexandria and Family



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  1. Haven’t seen mangroves before Alexandria???? OMGosh… brings back childhood memories of Dad and I going mud crabbing at Bribie. One day I would love to see flamingos myself… not just in piccies…. but to hear them, smell them and observe their ‘quirky’ manner.

    It was a remote controlled alligator that was set in motion by a laser sensor! LOL

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