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Can you believe it? Its been a whole year of traveling! We left on the 6th of February 2012, embracing the unknown, with just a light skeleton of a plan, with only a ticket to Thailand, and we were off. Traveling with hearts open and being in the moment, creating opportunity after opportunity…that’s the real adventure, I felt. Letting go and immersing ourselves in the culture and experiencing life with the locals and fellow travelers in each place we visited, was beyond amazing…Life changing!

We have been so fortunate to be able to do so much this year. As I mentioned we started off in Thailand and met the most beautiful people. We saw the tiger temple, rode elephants, visited the floating market, encountered a monk’s ceremony, visited the golden triangle and volunteered on Pi Nan’s organic farm. Before we knew it we were off to India. India offered so much color, life and challenges. The whole family was on a vegetarian diet whilst there.We rafted the mother Ganga, witness the burning ghats of Varanasi, connected with the Dalai Lama and the Karmapa as we stayed with the monks at the Gyoto Monastery, visited the Taj Mahal, volunteered teaching at a poor community and took a 10 day road trip through the Spiti Valley.

Hong Kong gave us a taste of modernism and we saw the city form the Peak, and visited Disneyland. China brought with it several wonders of the world, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and the Terra-cotta warriors as well as Mount Wudang where we did our Tai-chi and Qui Gong. We caught a flight to Peru and saw Machu Picchu, had a 30day silent retreat in the Sacred Valley, volunteered at an eco school, and toured the Amazon, before reaching Mexico, our current location. So far we have been to the beautiful blue Caribbean waters of Tulum and Playa del Carmen, rented a house in the city of Merida where we were privileged to experience a fire ceremony for the changing of the Mayan calendar.

In total we have moved 44 times this year, been to 5 countries, taken trains, planes, cars, rickshaws and boats. We have learned some Thai, Chinese, Hindi, Tibetan, Cantonese, and Spanish. We have impacted so many people along this journey and received so much from strangers who appeared to lend a hand at the perfect moment. There are surely many angels that walk the earth. We’ve had challenging times and amazing times, laughter and tears. Its has been such an enriching experience and the memories will carry through the rest our lives. This year has brought personal growth for us all and as a family. It has truly opened our eyes to so much.  We even survived each others constant company without killing each other LOL !


Spending this last year with my family traveling around the globe, volunteering in various places, embracing the unknown and deepening my personal growth, exploring my choices and experiences  with an open heart has been absolutely incredible, challenging, exciting and fulfilling on so many levels. Whether you’re single, married, with or without children, or elderly, if you want to travel…JUST DO IT. Life if too short to not do what you love.


What an amazing year. I have learnt so much about myself, other countries, other people, and how simple life can be. I felt privileged to be able to volunteer in the schools especially since I didn’t know the language.


This year has been a year of discovery, of not only the world around me, but of myself. I have finally begun to get to know myself and who I am and what I want to create in this lifetime.


I really enjoyed volunteering in India and being with the kids. I learned about culture and got to taste awesome foods around the world. It was a cool experience seeing the world.

What’s next:

At the moment we are settled in Mexico, with the intension of figuring out the next steps in our lives, and are assessing the options. We do intend on traveling around Mexico more and plan to go to the USA, so stay tuned for more blogs to come. The year may be over but the journey continues.

Until the next post…Are you living a fulfilled life?

Lot of Love

Faris and Family




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  1. Can I believe it???….”A whole year!!! ” LOL ..yep…:-)

    What an amazing journey you are all experiencing.

    I agree… “Life is too short not to do what you love.”

    Love Julie xxxxnn1

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