May 142013

Saturday morning April 27th, we made our way to the pier to catch the Cozumel ferry. We had heard many things about Cozumel and it was time to check out the clear blue waters and aquatic life, so we finally booked a snorkeling tour after being here in playa for months…Lol. Ferry trip was about 45mins and for those that get a little sea sick, I advise being outside on the deck. Besides, feeling and seeing the beautiful Caribbean waters felt amazing.

Once we arrived we boarded the glass bottom boat and headed in the direction of the first stop. In all, we stopped at three locations to snorkel. At one point the water was about 10 metres deep but you could see the floor of the ocean perfectly!  The water was so blue that it looked like someone had put bright blue food colouring into it! In some places the water was a dark rich royal blue! Unfortunately, it was obvious that tourism had taken its toll. There really wasn’t much aquatic life…Some fish and we saw a sting ray but there was not a lot of colourful and beautiful reef and the creatures that inhabited them.

After we got our scooters (part of our snorkeling deal). We jumped on, Tahira with I and Gincori and Alexandria on another. It was lots of fun as we began exploring the island. We were told that on the other side of the island (which only took 2 hours to drive around) there were beach clubs and restaurants. So we thought we’d go and have some lunch but when we arrived we found that there wasn’t really many restaurants to choose from, which was nice actually.  We stopped at a beach club and ate some lunch. The coast line was beautiful to see as we rode our little scooters We finished the island and dropped off our scooters. We walked around the island for a bit before sitting down by the ocean to watch the sun set until the ferry left.

Cozumel itself is a very touristy place. On the weekends there aren’t as many people. The crowds come during the week days. It’s a bit sad to see how commercialized everything is. The essence of Mexican culture seems to be a bit lost and watered down. We have heard however that Isla Mujeres is more Eco friendly, but we have not been to see it yet.

Over all we enjoyed being together as a family even after all this time together.

Lot of Love

Faris and Family





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  1. Water with blue food colouring … fabulous description !

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