May 152013

On the move again as its been a little over 5 months here in Mexico, 2 months in Merida and the last 3 months in Playa del Carmen. We have certainly enjoyed the amazing beaches, people and the culture that thrives here. although some parts are touristy, there is so much for everyone to pick and choose  from and explore. From the the ancient Mayan ruins, cenotes, beach coastline, swimming with the turtles and dolphins, scuba diving, snorkling, visiting the local islands, theme parks and other tours. Not to mention the resorts, restaurants and bar scene on 5th Ave.

We leave tonight at 7.30pm by bus and arrive in mexico city 24 hours later where we spend 7 nights before heading to the USA.

Thank you once again for all those who comment privately and through this blog. We always appreciate hearing from you and please feel free to contribute your beautiful travel experinces and tips for other readers to draw from. It has certainly been an adventure and experience we will not forget. A matter of fact, we are constantly reminded how much of an impact travelling around the world has been, as we share our stories with people, live out  our daily lives and reflect on all the places we have experinced  on this trip since we left  on 6th February 2012. OMG…What an incredible journey it been.

Until the next post…Are you living a fulfilled life?

Lot of Love

Faris and Family



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  1. Glad you all look so happy together. :-)

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