Aug 192013

So yesterday we went to the anthropology museum. We heard from a friend that it was a wealth of information. Trust us, it is.

We walked down Reforma which is a beautiful area and street lined with trees and, benches and surrounded by stone architecture. It’s actually quite European. We made our way to the Museum, paid the $57 pesos and headed inside. Within the first hour we saw the first section but we all needed a moment outside to recover from all that we have seen. There was just so much to see. So many artifacts. Honestly I didnt expect to see so much of what was there. Some broken pots and some bones perhaps but not all the jewelry, the sculptures, the weapons,and the gold. Gincori and Tahira mentioned how amazingly gifted these people were.There were items that were so intricate and items that were so grand and large. Yet with no precision tools and machinery. Dad was intrigued by the glyphs, the carvings and the spiritual ceremonies of each culture, especially in the section related to the Mayans. Personally as an artist I was really inspired. I kept looking at the designs on clay pots, and bowls and thought, I want to do that. There were shapes in stones, and tiles that I wanted to use in my own work. I photographed jewelry, carvings and structures that resonated with me. It was amazing for all of us to see the differences between the different areas such as the Yucatan and the Mayas to the Aztecs more central and the Olmecs. Each culture was very different in how they represented the world around them and their beliefs.

It felt a bit overwhelming in some cases. However we walked away feeling that it was Far more worth the $57 pesos which is about $5 AUD. There were boards with information in Spanish and English but so many of the small plaques were in Spanish and there were things that we were unsure what they were used for. We used our imagination though. I think that made it exciting; just guessing what things were. We all had different ideas. I guess we’ll never know for sure.

We definitely recommend a visit to this museum.

So far we have been enjoying our stay here in Mexico City. It has all the restaurants, cafes, and shopping you could hope for in a city as well as local life bustling all around you. There are many cultural things, such as museums, galleries, and historical cites to check out. We are looking forward to the next few days exploring the city and taking it all in.



With Love

Alexandria and Family



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