Nov 222013

Hello Everyone

Apologies definitely in order for not getting posts out. No excuses!

Thank you all for those who have kept in contact via emails and have been following our Journey still.

Ok, lets catch up here…23 May – 31 July 2013 we spent in USA. We left Mexico city and landed in Los Angeles and drove down to San Diego after visiting Beverly Hills and Venice beach.  The girls wanted to check out out the infamous Rodeo drive…you know how it is. A few hours driving down the californian coastline to our hostel  in Point Loma…I do love San Diego as I had lived there for a while years ago.

Hostel was impressive actually and recommend highly. Its called Hostelling Intentional, Point Loma. We stayed for 3 nights, did a little shopping in the city of San Diego, visited the San Diego zoo, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Ate at some of the local restaurants and checked out some  local beaches. Having a car was great to get around.

25th May we headed to Arizona to catch up with family and stay for a while and use as a base. After 5 hours of driving we were there. I could distinctly notice the difference in landscape and temperature crossing California into Arizona…From Beach to Desert. yes it was hot, everyplace was air-conditioned. but what amazing mountains, sunrises and sunsets in the desert.

On the list of the places we wanted to visit was Sedona.What an incredibly majestic place. The mountains, rock formation and terrain has nature once again exhibiting its powerful beauty. We went on some amazing treks, one not to miss is the west folk track.we had a great time. A must to visit when in the USA.

Pictures below of our Sedona trip  with the next blog The Grand Canyon


Until the next post…Are you Celebrating Life!

Lot of Love

Faris and Family



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