Oct 252013

Grand Canyon – OMG!!!

I visited this place in 1991 and took my family this time…What can I say, it was like visiting it for the first time. This place is truly an incredible place. My family loved it, accept for my oldest daughter who had to work…Someone has to pay for our trip lol lol lol.  We felt quite privileged as there were 4 condors flying around, it was spectacular to watch and experience. The terrain, the Colorado river, the history of this place over millions of years and the powerful energy just has to be experienced…words are not enough.

We had a great time…Get there early…its certainly a full days event or more, especially if you want to try some of the treks.

We are currently back in Playa del Carmen Mexico as of the 31st July 2013. more to experience here for a bit longer and will keep you posted. Next Blog is my personal Whales Swim Experience with my best friend Julie, and a great small group on a photographic adventure.


Until the next post…Are you Celebrating Life!

Lot of Love

Faris and Family



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