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14 September 2013 I left Playa del Carmen, Mexico to Vava’u Tonga to join up with my dear friend Julie and a small group with WhaleSwim Adventures to swim with Humpback Whales and explore our photographic passion.

Wow, what a life changing experience, one I will never forget.  An almost indescribable  3+ weeks it was. I say almost  because in my new found connection and awareness with self, I find myself passionately processing images and writing like I have never done before, not to mention how I feel personally. There are so many layers to my experience, but I have written a poem with a couple of images I would like to share with you in reflection.

I look forward  to sharing more as I work through and finish my  collection of images.


Beyond the depths of the ocean 
Great Courage and Strength emerges,
Playfulness of Life beckons 
I am    I see    I do    I feel.


Softness and Grace flows divinely 
Intimacy…Energy…Heart pulsing 
Expansion and Vulnerability, Nowhere to hide
I play    I love    I connect    I touch 
I am seen and I see.


Profoundness, Reverence and Privileged 
Humbled experiences deepened
 Soul free    Heart open    Body alive
There is…


 Fire and Moon entangle in a dance
Passion    Desire    Release    Birth 
New beginnings, a Gift of the present
Guidance and Wisdom
Friendship…Love…Soul mates 
Divinely Orchestrated. 

          © Faris Mouasher



Until the next Post…Are you Celebrating Life

Love to all




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  2 Responses to “Faris's Whales Swim Experience in Tonga”

  1. Faris, yes… a life changing experience. One I too will cherish. Your images are exquisite and your words both beautiful and powerful. As a photographer, artist and writer myself; I can feel such rawness and honesty in your expression of your own personal connection and experience. I look forward to seeing more of your images as they evolve; and any more words which flow with those images.

    This journey, I see for you; has been a pivotal point in your life.

    With love, your friend Julie

  2. Thank you Julie. It certainly one that we will cherish hey. Thanks for lovely support.

    Love to you too my dear friend.

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