Jun 062014

Hong Kong:


  • For the four of us it was difficult finding hostels that were big enough for us and our luggage but for one person, staying in Causeway Bay, Chungking Mansion or the like should be easy to find a place to stay.



Buy an octopus card for the buses and metros. It makes getting in and out much easier.


  • Hong Kong has an amazing metro system. Trains come every 3 mins and the system is easy to navigate. We used the metro mainly.


  • If you know your way around then a bus is also good for getting to places that the metro might not stop at.



  • In Tsim Shu Sui there are many local restaurants as well as international restaurants to try.
  • In ISquare in the supermarket they have really nice sushi for cheap.
  • On Ashley road is a place called Tectonic Pizza. You can get a 24 inch pizza that is delicious. But be aware you might struggle to finish this monster.
  • Try the lemon ice tea at any local restaurant.



  • More people spoke English here than in China. It was easy to ask questions and inquire generally. Of course many people only know a few words.



-If your on a budget, I wouldn’t stay in Hong Kong for long. In general its not a cheap place. But if its a beautiful city.

  • Take the tram to the peak at night and you get a beautiful view of the whole of Hong Kong and photos.
  • There are visas places in Hong Kong for China that will do your visa for you.


Love Alexandria and Family.



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