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  • We stayed in two places in Lima on two different occasions
    • the first was Hannover Hostel which was quiet and had good breakfast. It’s located  in Magdalena del mar which is a local area and not too touristy.
    • the second time we stayed at…. which also had good breakfast, a great common area with lots of movies.


  • we stayed in two places here as well.
    • Recoleta hostel was a great hostel. Cheaper than most and had free breakfast, wifi, fresh towels and sheets. There was common areas and a kitchen and the staff are so lovely. We stayed there long enough to call them family.
    • We stayed at another more locat hostel called tywantinsuyo. Just up the road from recoleta hostel. The break was great and we also stayed here long enough to feel like family. The ladies who work here are sweet and helpful.


  • In iquitos we stayed at Gondrinas hostel. Its only S/. 18 per person which is a great price. No breakfast but simple space with a pool.
    • they also offer tours into the jungle which is what we went with. It was a fraction of the price. Only S/. 110 a day per person compared to AUD$100 a day per person.



  • Buses:
    • The buses are more for longer distances but in Lima and Iquitos a bus is usually used.
    • There are specific stops (bus terminals) for buses and you can usually ask the hostel or hotel where to get a specific terminal.
  • Collectivos:
    • Are like a van that run like the buses but are more for local travel.
    • Are used more often in Cusco and arouns the Sacred Valley.
    • Collectivos are easy to catch. Generally waiting at a stop and saying the name of where you want to go to the drivers and they will let you know what bus or collectivo.
    • Its also much cheaper to catch Collectivos or buses. Pay attention to what other locals are paying and hand them the same money. Sometimes we were told more than what others were paying.
  • Trains:
    • to get to Machu Picchu there are a few ways you can go. There are trails of course like the Inca trail. There are sometimes buses that get you to different points but it is common for people to take the train to Agua Calientes.



-Ceviche can be shrimp (prawn), Octopus, or fish and is raw and cooked only in lemon juice. It is delicious and we were fortunate to find a place located in El Punto right across from a pier and restaurant. Its worth a drive!

  • In La Comar (a shopping center on the beach at Miraflores) there are lots of places to eat.

-Norky’s is a chicken place with a family deal. The chicken is cooked beautifully and the portion is enough for 4 easily.


-To save money stay out of the main square and head down small side streets. From the square take Avendida Del Sol and take the first right. That street has many small local shops that have a Menu del Dia which is a daily meal. Its usually soup, main, and sometimes a drink or dessert for S/.4 (less than 2 dollars).

-The Malenese is a breaded piece of chicken breast and it often served with rice, chips and salad. The chicken in Peru is so nice and fresh.

-Jacks Cafe is only a walk from the main square and has international food and great coffee. Try the milkshakes too. MMm…

- Also there are lots of markets around (our favorite is Rosaspata marqado). There you can find fruit, veg, and meat. There is also several supermarkets around.



Spanish is generally the language spoken. But in many places including Cusco and much of the sacred Valley they speak Quechua. Its the Incan language.



-Going to Machu Picchu is a must, but book in advance and definitely book Waynapicchu. Its the mountain next to Machu and its about an hour and a half walk up and down but its a beautiful view of machu picchu and the valley.



Love Alexandria and Family.



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