Jun 062014

Back in Australia…2 years today we left on our adventure…WOW!!!

What was a one year trip has become a 2 year incredible adventure around the Globe. There is sooooo much to see in this beautiful world. A gift indeed. I guess each post really says it all but this has been so profound and such an amazing time traveling with all its challenges, rewards and enriching experiences. I am truly grateful, blessed and feel privileged to have done this trip and met the wonderful people along this journey. I wish you all a safe, prosperous and fulfilling life ahead. I would like to thank all those that gave us the opportunity to learn and give; to those that crossed our path and shared their lives with us and us with them. The opportunity to volunteer  and be part of the great work many of these people do everyday as opposed to the little time we offered . I commend them on the day to day commitment and contribution to change and support those to live a better life, a healthier life, not to mention saving lives.

I want to thank everyone that has come along with us on this Journey; through your comments, sharing through the blog and personal emails…Each of your beautiful comments and feedback enriched us and we thank you with all of our hearts for joining us. We are truly grateful.

Thank you for all those that supported us to make this possible from day 1. Thank you Julie Stephenson and Family, all those from our working bee, real estate agent Simon Finlayson, neighbors , Gold Coast bulletin, the many adventure stores, our Families and friends.   We hope we have also created an opportunity for others to draw and contribute from our own experiences and perhaps given you some guidelines and tips to your own travels.

Thank you with All of our hearts. may your lives be enriched with enormous love, joy, good health and prosperity.

We love you and thank you for being apart of our lives and look forward to another chapter in our lives.

Until the next time we meet…Are you living a fulfilled life…if not what are you waiting for…Live Life Now, and be nice to one another.

Lots of Love

Faris, Gincori, Alexandria and Tahira



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