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  1. Recently my husband was travelling overseas and was involved in a car accident. I was all ready to hop on a plane to be with him but my passport was only valid for a month before it expired so I was not able to leave Australia. Australian passports need to have at least 6months left on it before they expire so you can leave the country.

    Even with the priority processing for a renewal it usually takes 48 hours until you can have your passport available to use, and longer if you haven’t had one before or it has been expired for over 2 years.

    My travel tip would be if that you are next of kin or have a close friend or family member travelling overseas, make sure you have a passport yourself, and the validity of your own passport is at least 6 months plus the length of their time away. If you are the one who is travelling, ask the people who you would like to assist you in the unforunate circumstance of an accident or illness, to make sure their passoprts are current and have sufficient time left on them for your trip.

  2. I spoke to a friend of mine who has been involved in charity work for over 16 years, and has been a founding board member of Paradise Kids for about as long as that. He has worked with Paradise Kids in Indonesia and Africa a lot.
    His advice is that you align yourselves with existing charities, like Paradise Kids for example, in each country, as it will be easier to get tangible results in communities if you work with someone who has already set up a charity infrastructure. He suggests where possible, to arrange with a charity BEFORE you leave about which countries you are going to, so that when you get there, you are not “one in a million well-intentioned people.”
    He has offered to put you in touch with local Paradise Kids people in the countries they are in that you will be going to if you are interested. He is leaving himself for Sierra Leone this week, so let me know, and I’ll get further details.

    He also said the biggest tip he can give is this: “when you land in the country, cut your head off, and leave it on the tarmac. Pick it up again when you leave. Walk in with no expectations and forget all your pre-conceived knowledge of what you think you know”.

  3. Following my previous post about my friend who works with Paradise Kids in Africa, here is his local partner’s blog (Reverend Themi):
    Maybe you can get some insights from it, or contact him if you’re planning to go to Africa. x Agata

  4. Take a look at Youth With A Mission. They are a Christian missional organization working all over the world. They do all sorts of different things like work in or run orphanages, schools, summer camps, after school feeding programs, work with churches, evangelism, student ministries, physical labor kinds of things, and so much more. Their website it They’re in over 100 countries last time I checked, so basically anywhere you could ever want to go. Vitalik and I have worked with them in Ghana, Ukraine, and Egypt and we have a lot of friends that have worked with them all over the place. There is in country contact information on the website (it’s kind of difficult to navigate, but I think you can figure it out.) And I agree with the previous post, do indeed arrange everything before you go. Someone can meet you at the airport, have already arranged where you will stay, what you will do, and someone to show you around and help you get settled. They are all incredibly awesome, friendly, Christian volunteers. And let me know if you have any questions :)

    I also would like to reiterate the “no expectations” point. Let the place surprise you, do your research on the important things (currency exchange rate, major airports, language, etc) but don’t over wikipedia or google image search. It will decrease the magic of the place. Let it move you, let it change you, be open minded, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Live like a local, not like a tourist, and your life will never be the same. So, so excited for you all.

  5. Hello all
    We have many travel tips coming as we have been compiling them for each country we have visited and just havent placed them on blog yet. But soon they will be up.

    One quick travel tip is, if you have always wanted to travel and you keep putting it off DONT! Go and experience life now, not later. Follow your heart. There are so many places to visit thay one can enjoy. I found the best way to travel is where the locals live and eat and stayed in nice cheap hostels or backpackers. Its where i got to meet oher travellers and a whole new world emerged on life and travel.

    I personally have realised i should of travelled more a long time ago. No regrets, but the opportunities i create knowing the globe is my backyard and not the suburb or state i live in has made a huge impact in my life.

    Lots of love


  6. Hi Faris, Thanks for encouraging me to follow my heart. Yes.. the only way to go I rekon! :-) Also thanks for the reminder to not put something off until later.

    The point I would like to discuss is in the discernment about what the word ‘travel’ actually means. One can ‘travel’ on a bus. One can ‘travel’ on a boat.One can ‘travel’ by just walking. One can ‘travel’ by plane…and even in basketball stepping beyond what is permitted in the rules in relation to ones steps is considered a ‘travelling’. :-)

    I have made an observation over the years, and that is that it isn’t about having to travel the world to go and experience life NOW… it is more about experiencing life NOW wherever one is.

    Yes.. the best way to travel is where the locals eat and live… but what about one’s own locality? I have noticed when looking into the blank faces of many whilst I am in the line at the supermarket, that so many are wishing to be somewhere else than living life NOW even in one’s own locality. Why is it that I see so many people not experiencing NOW life within one’s own community? Why is it necessary to always think that to experience culture and richness needs to be done “overseas”? Someone’s “overseas” is another’s own locality. …. so why can’t the richness of experience of NOW be experienced in one’s own locality? Is it the perception and allure of the concept of “travel”? Is it the perception that other cultures are richer…or more diverse… or more interesting??? Perhaps they are???

    Is it somehow aligned with the basketball ‘travel’… where moving the feet beyond what is ‘legal’ in the rules is called ‘travelling’? Is the allure of going beyond what is normally ‘allowed’ where the allure of travel is for many? Many who travel extensively go beyond what is normally allowed for the annual vacation period… or take extended time off…. or delay studies…. or sell one’s home…. all things which are generally not what are considered to be ‘allowable’ in general code of society. Does this pushing of what is ‘normally done’ create an allure or excitement which comes about because one is pushing the boundaries of what is normally commonplace or accepted? Can this be done on one’s own locality.. in close proximity to one’s own physical backyard??.. or does this need to be done on a larger global backyard scale?? to have the same allure and richness ??… and have the same allure of going beyond what is normally accepted or allowed?

    I also would like to hazard a guess, and say that the countries where I…. and perhaps yourselves – have travelled and found the most enriching – are the ones where the locals don’t ‘travel’ (overseas)… where the locals don’t have the money nor even perhaps the desire travel ‘overseas’. It poses the question in my mind that perhaps the ‘locals’ where both I and perhaps yourselves have found the most wonderful enriching cultural experiences – are actually LIVING the NOW to which you were referrring. It is interesting that these people who don’t travel ‘far’ for whatever reason… have actually learned to live NOW… and they don’t need to go elsewhere beyond a small proximity to ‘find’ or experience that ‘NOW’ that you mentioned. I wonder if travel is a way of finding how to live NOW.. when so many simply living people already know how to do this… and perhaps many travel under the illusion that it is the only way to truly experience living NOW.

    I have travelled the world… not as much as Max, Lawrence and James have … and truly want to fill my life up – and jam pack it full of as many experiences as I can humanly fit into my short life this time around….but I see great benefit in recognising not to percieve that I must “travel” to experience NOW.. and not to be captivated by thinking that to travel is the only way to have this allure of living in NOW. I think perhaps it is a far greater challenge to remove my perception of the romantic and alluring nature of “overseas travel” and open myself to the richness of experience and connection of NOW, which I have felt right in my own backyard. That backyard can be as close as my fence neighbours… to my local IGA… to my school/work community/colleagues… to other States…. and to other countries. I feel it is important to recognise the closeness of local proximity backyard and not discount it as an opportunity for me to experience fully NOW; and not disregard it for the romantic notion of “travel” to other countires as the only way to open myself to experiencing the fullness of NOW.

    I have learned this because I have travelled… and experienced the romantic perception and notion that “travel” is the only way to embrace NOW. I have found that new places and new experiences are absolutely increadibly enriching.. as one can see from my recent journey to Tonga swimming with the whales on my Blog; and my own extensive travels around Australia connecting with the land and people……. but I have learned that to get the fullness and open myself to really experiencing the NOW in another ‘new’ country or place as I have done when I have ‘travelled’… I needed to fine tune my skills by living NOW fully in the close proximity to where I live in my local environment…. and when I am not able to ‘travel’ the world…. it is a wonderful reminder that I don’t need to necessarily travel the whole vastness of the world to experience the NOW of my amazing and wonderful existence.

    Thanks Faris for this opportunity to have this dialogue. :-)
    With Love, Julie

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