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How would you like to support others? There are so many things you can do. This page I hope will become a resource base not only for our family, but for anyone around the world. My intention through this Blog is to create a community where we can share our stories of the gifts that each of us in our family have to share in giving a hand to others; and have a place where you can share with others your own gifts and talents and what you would like to offer of yourself to support others.

You can contribute in so many ways – Sharing with others about our journey is probably the best way that the world can see the people we are guided to support, so spreading the word about our journey is one of the best things that you can do straight away!!… from linking this blog to your own website or pasting the opening post on your facebook wall or through your twitter account…. to letting us know of others who also volunteer around the world, or other contacts….. to giving an hour of your time assisting us in organising something… or you may know someone in the media who can cover the story of our journey to give a hand to others……and later on – perhaps to supporting our fundraisers for various charities and perhaps to contributing directly to some of the organisations we may find along our journey who are doing wonderful work helping others.

You have the opportunity to post here what you are good at and what you would like to offer of yourself to support others. We hope this will become a wonderful resource of people and their gifts to share.

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  1. My Name is Julie Stephenson and I am good at ideas. I am good at opening myself to inspiration and thinking out of the box.
    I am a photographer and have a wonderful resource base of photographs, some of which I would be prepared to offer for others to use in their endeavours to support others.
    My website is juliestephenson (dot) net

    We would like to have our home on the market by 15th August, and we need a bit of a hand to make this possible.

    We have decided to allocate Saturday 13th August at 8am to sprucing up our home in preparation for putting it on the market.

    We will provide lunch and drinks and hope the day will be a real opportunity for everyone to share not only the excitement of our planned journey, but an opportunity for others to get together to also share your own abilities and willingness to help others.

    These are the things we would love some assistance with;

    - mulching gardens

    - painting pergola

    - distribution of some river rocks

    - morning and afternoon tea, fruit

    - end of day clean up and hosing down.

    Some other supplies needed that can be provided for the day to assist in Working Bee:

    Large water dispensers
    Urns or kettles

    Please contact us to RSVP by Monday 8th August and let us know how you would like to assist. Ideally we prefer if you could respond in the comments or reply area however, alternately you may contact Gincori: 0403 358 371 or Faris: 0412 412 112

    Address: 7 Moody court Parkwood

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