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We would love you to share your travel adventures here where you have come across others who are volunteering or  have seen first hand where organisations around the world are really contributing to making peoples lives being healthier and more comfortable.

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  1. hi faris & family!

    you might remember me, we met briefly at the brown bread bakery in varanasi. just a quick message to say keep up with the great work on your blog! i’m following it and enjoying your photos and updates, you guys sound like you’re having a great time.

    i would have loved to of gone to rishikesh but unfortunately time has got the better of me..since we met a few weeks back i’ve been to kharujaho, agra, jaipur, pushkar, udaipur, jaisalmer, amritsar, bikaner, mcleod ganj and just yesterday arrived in srinagar with the plan of heading north to leh in a few days time. only 2 weeks to go in india before nepal & the rest of asia.

    mcleod ganj was great wasn’t it? i could have spent the rest of my time there but there is still so much to see…i have some photos of my time there up on my blog at

    anyway talk to you guys soon, and i hope you’re enjoying “shantaram”!

    all the best

    • Hello Andy
      Nice to hear from our fellow australian traveling through out India. We are all well and enjoying Dharamashala. Sounds like you have been quite busy your self. I will check out your blog and keep up with your travels. Might catch up with you in Nepal next month. Safe journey!!!

  2. Dear Faris and Family,
    I may be late … but here now. Great to follow your journey.
    You are surley missed on the Gold Coast-however your talents and care are being used beautifully abroad where they are deserved and appreciated.
    We are all keeping busy and happy here at Optimal Communications. Kerry and I are managing to blend a family of mixed colours into an amazing artwork…unique…a little chaotic and challenging at times-but well worth the efforts.
    If you get a chance-maybe you can subscribe to to keep a track of what I have been up to as well…
    …passing the benefits of our work on every day in my work-so thinking of you often Faris.
    Stay safe and enjoy every footstep and breath of the journey.
    Love always

    Katrine xx

  3. Hi, Faris and the family,

    Happy New Year! Great to know you are still hitting the roads and exploring more! We envy you and give you all the best wishes!

    We met in Thailand, twice, in Koh Sok and in Chiang Mai! We travelled to North India for 2 months and we loved the country very much! Then we went to Nepal and Tibet, came back to Shangahi in July. Now we start again. My husband Lu just finished his travel in Mynmar and we will meet in Malaysia. We will go to Cambodia to spend the Chinese new year.

    Impressed by your silence meditation in Peru valley! Awesome!

    Lu and Yan

    • Hello Lu and Yan
      its so nice to hear from you. It sounds like you both are having quite the adventure.
      we tried to make contact with you when we were in Shanghai in july/August but were unsuccessful.
      We often think of you and wonder where you are. We missed out on being in Veitnam and would love to go some time. Enjoy the chinese New year
      and wish you both an amazing year ahead.

      Thank you…Yes ,it was an incredible time for me to be in silence and experience its wisdom.

      How long to you plan to travel for this year before returning back to China?
      Safe journey and take from all of us here in Merida Mexico.

      Keep in touch and feel free to share any tips or stories of your journey anytime on the blog. I am sure other readers will love hear from you.

      Lots of to you both

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