The Mouasher’s


This is an ecxiting time for our family in preparation for our journey commencing in 2012 to travel and support others who would like a helping hand in their lives. I am taking a one year Sabbatical from my work, Gincori is also ceasinge her work; and our girls – Alexandria and Tahira are deferring their studies so that we can all travel together and really make a difference in others lives.

We are selling all our posessions, our home and with our packs on our backs, boots on our feet and Love in our hearts, intend to leave some time early in 2012.

We are not sure where we are headed, nor when or whether we will be returning to live at the Gold Coast. We are going to listen to our intuition to serve and connect where we feel we are guided.

Over the coming weeks we intend to prepare to put our house on the market and gather resources and support for our journey.

I would like this blog to be a community place where we can share our stories of not only our personal experience and of the people we are volunteering to support; but also become a place where your stories of your experience travelling and supoorting others can be shared. I would also like for this blog to be a place where resources can accumulate of all the gifts and talents you all have that you are prepared to offer in support of others.

We would love you to keep track of our journey – from right now; and also love you to contribute through your comments, ideas, suggestions and what you may have to offer others.

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