Welcome to our Blog, I am Australian born of Jordanian decent, husband to my beautiful wife Gincori and father of two beautiful daughters Alexandria and Tahira. I was practicing my sacred bodywork at my healing practice on the Gold Coast, Australia, but have taken a one years sabbatical for 2012. Currently with my family we are on an adventure volunteering throughout the world. Making a difference in the world is my passion and experiencing all I can in each moment is something I’ve learnt to constantly embrace. I have growth in experiencing the different cultures, foods and the exploration of our amazing planet.

I feel so blessed in my life creating the opportunity to travel with my family, follow my heart and experience my personal journey of transformation. Experience the people i meet each day and the ones i am in contact around the globe, enriches my life. As i follow my dreams, desires and continue on my soul path and purpose i find myself experiencing more deeply my home which is in my heart. Thank you Family, friends and those who have crossed my path and about too. For my heart is open to embrace your soul and share an experience for what it is, as part of my journey in life.

I am thrilled in the opportunity to share with you our journey and look forward to hearing your stories and travel experiences through this blog that has been created to become a resourceful community of sharing and impacting travellers and others in their lives.

Also I would like to thank the Stephenson Family, Julie, Max, Lawrence and James for their ongoing support and contribution in our lives. With your help the impact we make will go a long way. Thank you for your hard work on this blog, our home and much more. Thank you for your beautiful friendship…We love you.

Lots of Love


I invite you to visit my website. (Currently being updated)

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  1. Love you guys and will miss you heaps…
    The Spyros

  2. Hi Faris,
    Was thinking about you yesterday and now I read that you are there in Thailand this week. My husband will be leaving for Chalong, Phuket this Friday and will be there for two weeks training. My husband and i wish you and your family all the best on your journeys together. Yay!!!

  3. Hi Faris,

    It is great to see your adventures and what a wonderful way to capture your journey as this site.
    Hoping you are all keeping warm and well…and I expect fit!!!

    Gemma and Jordan are great and send a big hello!

    Love to you all xxxx Katrine

  4. Hi to the Mouasher Family,

    first of all thanks to your birthday wishes. I had a great day with my family and we celebrated also our home-coming from a nearly 8 weeks trip to Europe (5 countries) where we got many different impressions.

    But nothing compared to your trip, you must be getting an awesome impression about this world and its people. Can’t wait to hear from you guys when you get home.

    I’ll try to stay in touch via your blog, I only learned about its existence now.

    Love and big hug to you all

    • Nice to hear from you Margit. sounds like you have been enjoying your travels. It’s amazing what you experience when travelling hey?

      Love to you all and feel free to add any tips or stories of your travels on the blog, your travel tips or stories can be a support for other travellers as well reading this post.


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