Hello, my name is Alexandria. I am 19 years old.  The past 7+ months have been amazing. Asia has given me it’s best. In Thailand I experience meditation and farming on an organic farm. In India I swam in the mother Ganga, boated in Varanasi, learned about mediation in a new way, taught children, road tripped and met with the brilliant Taj Mahal. Then in Hong Kong I tasted the vibrancy of HK’s technology, fashion and innovation. Heading to China, it didn’t disappoint.  A brush with Tian’anmen Square, the Forbbiden City and the beautiful and magnificent Great Wall.
Countless experiences that have shaped my ever evolving paradigm. I am not the person I used to be. In fact  I seem to be learning something new about myself each day. Countless connections with persons, places and things…and my eyes are beginning to open…Finally… Each experience pushes me, challenges me to awaken from my slumber. To perceive my world new. Experiencing ideas  that challenge my understanding and others that confirm what I know.


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  1. Alexandria!!! i am so excited for you and your family! this sounds like it’s going to be awesome! i wish you all the best, you will be in my prayers and thoughts!! if you guys ever need a place to stay in Atlanta Georgia. you got it! oh and also check out it’s for backpackers and people alike. it would be a great way to connect with people! have fun!!


  2. Pack light, but take two week’s worth of underwear.!! I have always found a clean pair of underwear can make almost any undesirable travel situation bearable.

    When packing for a trip, pack your bags and then close them.

    Wait 15 minutes, then reopen your bags and take out 50 per cent… and close them again!! Remember there will be no porters!!

    Take plastic bags to keep dirty clothes separated from the clean. Heck you know this stuff from all of our trips. Alexandria you are a good traveler. xoxo

  3. Hi honey, I am trying to see if I’ve got this blog thing down. I’m looking for your response. Upload some pictures.
    Love you very much

    I just wrote you a long letter on FB


  4. Hi honey, I have just enjoyed your last est photos, but there was none of the waterfalls, you must of left the camera behind. Things are moving along here. I have a mountain of boxes in my living room and 3 pieces of furniture just sitting there because they were too tired to put them where I needed them. The parents tried to build me a book case but they put it together wrong, so it’s just sitting there too. I have 2hrs daily to try and get organized by myself. I thing it will literally take me months to get settled in. Got to love it. So many other blessings off set this setback. Here is my new address.
    12844 N. Paradise Village Parkway West. #113 Phoenix, AZ 85032. I’m at work got to go. I love you, try and draw what you see. Love you, Mommy

  5. we are so proud of you. take care, enjoy, a life time of good memories are coming your way. love grandma

  6. Hi, Sweetie, how are we today? You know you are doing what every man, woman and child would love to do. travel. and your are where it basically all began. how exciting. wish i were there.

    run out of clean clothes, yet, they, who ever they are, say when you do, the trip is over.

    see you, and fam. soon


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