Mayan Sacred Fire Ceremony


Upon arriving to Merida, Mexico, one of my intentions was to connect with the energy of this land and time. Particularly in relevance to the end of one Mayan Calendar and beginning of another on the 21st December 2012. I have always known that it will not be the end of the world as many have spoken about, but a time of change, spiritual consciousness, a new era of deepening for humanity.

Within two days of being in Merida Mexico my family and I made contact with a shaman and were privileged to be invited to a Sacred Fire Ceremony from 6pm on the 20th December to 6am on the 21st. A 12 hour fire ceremony celebrating the end and new Mayan calendars; an intimate gathering of 60 to 80 locals, 30 minutes out of Merida.

It was such a lovely and amazing experience…We arrive and were greeted by the shaman and made to feel at home straight away. I noticed two shamans were present to lead the ceremony and four people stood at north, south, east and west, representing the four dimensions facing the fire in the centre. They held chalices with incense burning purifying and creating the sacred space that we all felt.

Throughout out the night there were many rituals conducted by the two shamans both in the Mayan and Spanish languages. A conch ( large sea shell) was also used as a horn with drums that created an incredible atmosphere and energetic vibration with the powerful fire burning in the centre. On a number of occasions we gathered together in a large circle around the fire going around clock wise and anti clock wise while the drums and conch were used and rituals performed.

We lit candles, held hands together in a circle, and opened our hearts and arms to receive. There were prayers and blessings, throwing of candles into the fire, purifying and cleansing, and healings performed by the Mayan shaman. All were a part of the rituals that were absolutely incredible to experience.  Many times the shamans gave thanks through rituals of prayers and blessings to Mother Earth and the Heavens by water gently thrown from a bowl into the fire at each of the four direction. Both shamans also spoke of the planetary and spiritual shifts that signified this day, the 21/12/2012

There was three new fires at three important moments of the whole ceremony. The first was the beginning of the night  at 6pm to start the night with the fire of the old calendar. The second was at 12 midnight signifying the new day and calendar which was the most powerful I felt. The last was at the rising of the new sun early in the morning around 5am. The transition of each was performed beautifully. The old embers was brought out side of the small inner circle by shovel. New wood was placed with eight pieces of wood doubled and stacked forming a square or the number symbol (#). Then wood was stacked upright around the square and then certain colored flowers were placed at the 4 directions around the wood, before a few shovels of the old embers was poured through the centre of the new stack of wood to ignite the fire.

The fire in no time was powerfully burning and the rituals of prayer by the shamans, drumming and conch’s going off with all of us holding hands in a circle, started. Next, what took place was totally amazing. At 12 midnight as the new fire was lit and we were all holding hands in the circle, suddenly the wind came up out of nowhere, it started to rain,  the flames got stronger and wild,  we could feel the heat, the water, the wind and the earth as we stood with the energy of our hearts and spirits connected. Recognizing all 5 elements present in one moment. For me it was one of the highlights of my night, just experiencing the wonderful energy and integration of this sacred ceremony…I will never forget it.

Alexandria and I in the early hours stood and held the challis and placed incense when needed as part of this ceremony to maintain the sacred space. The shamans placed offerings, sharing their wisdom and more rituals continued to early hours until it was time for another fire to be lit. At 5am there was a few less people present and as before a new fire was lit to signify and honour the new sun and give more thanks. More water was blessed by the shaman from the four directions into the fire. This time a few people including my self contributed blessings/prayers out aloud amongst the group as we were gathered in a circle around the fire waiting for the sun to appear.

A little after 6am it was over. Twelve hours that felt more like six. Energized by the evening, we packed up and headed back to our place. What a really awesome and privileged night. It was perfect for me and supported my life beautifuly. My family loved it and got to experience a special historical moment in time. This is what they had to share…


I had never experienced something like this before…I found it very powerful and energizing.


I really enjoyed being part of such a sacred ceremony. The drumming and conch were especially moving for me.


It was an amazing experience and a once in life time opportunity.



Until the next post…Are you living a fulfilled life?

Lot of Love

Faris and Family


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