Whales Swim Experience in Tonga


14 September 2013 I left Playa del Carmen, Mexico to Vava’u Tonga to join up with my dear friend Julie and a small group with WhaleSwim Adventures to swim with Humpback Whales and explore our photographic passion.

Wow, what a life changing experience, one I will never forget.  An almost indescribable  3+ weeks it was. I say almost  because in my new found connection and awareness with self, I find myself passionately processing images and writing like I have never done before, not to mention how I feel personally. There are so many layers to my experience, but I have written a poem with a couple of images I would like to share with you in reflection.

I look forward  to sharing more as I work through and finish my  collection of images.


Beyond the depths of the ocean 
Great Courage and Strength emerges,
Playfulness of Life beckons 
I am    I see    I do    I feel.


Softness and Grace flows divinely 
Intimacy…Energy…Heart pulsing 
Expansion and Vulnerability, Nowhere to hide
I play    I love    I connect    I touch 
I am seen and I see.


Profoundness, Reverence and Privileged 
Humbled experiences deepened
 Soul free    Heart open    Body alive
There is…


Fire and Moon entangle in a dance
Passion    Desire    Release    Birth 
New beginnings, a Gift of the present
Guidance and Wisdom
Friendship…Love…Soul mates 
Divinely Orchestrated.  

© Faris Mouasher



Until the next Post…Are you Celebrating Life

Love to all





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